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Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Opportunities


My name is Clinton. Ever since I was a child I have always loved cooking with my Grandma (dHoris) – always in a makeshift smoke filled kitchen! Her influence stayed with me to this date! Now, I have started Caribé Restaurant & takeaway naming the takeaway after her -> dHoris by Caribé to honour & share her legacy through her recipes with my own twist.

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For more information please email franchise@wearecaribe.com and we will get back to you and discuss your interest!

We are franchising the Caribé Brand to expand our authentic Caribbean Cuisine across the UK and abroad! We currently have sites readily available in the following Cities for Takeaways, Kiosks and Mobile Pods:

Nottinghamshire / Leicester / Birmingham / Manchester / Milton Keynes / Leeds / Bristol / London / Various Shopping Centres & Retail Parks

Kiosk Mobile Van/Pod Takeaway
Franchise Fee £12,999 £14,999 £17,500
Investment Levels £45,000-£85,000 £35,000-£100,000 £75,000-£180,000
Marketing Fee 2% 2% 2%
Royalty Fee 8% 8% 8%
All fees are plus VAT
Clinton Franchise

For more information please email  franchise@wearecaribe.com and we will get back to you and discuss your interest!

Download our Franchise brochure.

Cooking in Jamaica

The story of Caribé began 29 years ago in the rustic countryside of Jamaica. Clinton’s passion was always creating flavourful and authentic food. By the age of 7, Clinton started making various concoctions and became the chef for his family while his parents were at work. As the years went by, Clinton spent a lot of time with his grandma and looked forward to her return from the weekly market because of the goodies/ingredients she would bring home which included fish, meat, vegetables and fruits unique to the Caribbean.

Preparing Fish

Clinton was always eager to help unpack, clean the raw meat, fish and marinade for his grandma. In those days, there were no refrigerators or freezers to preserve the food; so his Grandma preserved meat, fish etc. using all natural processes, salt and smoke. Clinton remembers massaging salt into the fish, pork, chicken and stringing them up in the ceiling of the makeshift zinc kitchen. After a few days, the meats, fish etc. would be well preserved with the first coat of marinade before adding a second portion of marinade before cooking. This is a synopsis of where Clinton’s grandma’s secret ingredients began.

The Old Restaurant

Clinton has stuck to his homage and setup his own eatery preserving the memories and ingredients of his Grandma whom he learned so much from. Now Clinton’s Hospitality Group is comprised of a team of professionals originally from the Caribbean, with over 40+ years of experience in the Caribbean cuisine arena. Our track record is a testament of our prospect for growth and expansion. We undoubtedly have something different to offer and this has been proven on many occasions at our sites in Nottingham and various events, even those associated with Mr Graham Swann’s (ex-England Cricketer) charity event that attracted over 1300 attendees whom we catered for.

Caribé’s commitment to support your Franchise

    • Continue to evolve our menu of great tasting options as well as provide access to nutrition and healthier lifestyle information
    • Ensure our food meets the highest quality and safety standards
    • Find sustainable and cost effective solutions that serve the business needs of our franchisees
    • Encourage our franchisees to contribute to their communities, promote diversity and personal wellbeing
Before You Open
    • Training – You and your designee or manager will take part in our training programme.
    • Store design – You will be provided with floor plans for your specific location.
    • Site selection – You will be assisted in evaluating the location for your business.
    • Equipment ordering – You will receive guidance on ordering your equipment package for timely delivery.
After You Open
    • Operations manual – Caribé Restaurant® in-depth manual covers a full range of topics important to running your business.
    • Field support – Your local representative will help you get started and provide ongoing operational evaluations.
    • Franchisee services – A Coordinator will serve as your main contact person, who is just a phone call or e-mail away.
    • R&D Caribé Restaurant® franchise executive chef, baking specialists, staff nutritionist, and product development team continually strive to make our excellent food even better.
Ongoing Support

Manuals for all franchisees

    • This includes operations manuals, health & safety manuals, prep guide manuals, drink manuals and more.


    • Experienced marketing support to deliver bespoke marketing plans for each new outlet opening and post opening. All social media, ePOS etc.


    • Recruitment for Restaurant Managers is managed by our franchise team and non-Executive board


    • Franchisee training runs for a week. Manager training runs for a month On-going training for all Restaurants are available as applicable.


    • Recommended commercial lawyer who deals with all leases available for each franchisee.

Project management & surveyor

    • Highly experienced team to manage the entire shop design fit process for each store and ensure that consistency of design, décor and standards are maintained.

Property search

    • x2 property teams on hand to ensure maximum support is available. They will negotiate the deal, create the HOT’s and get the project ready for our legal team to takeover and create the final lease.


    • Fantastic back of house software to track sales & data real time, accounting software that directly links to the sales of your store, mobilisation program to ensure each project is delivered perfectly and more.


    • On-going support for each franchisee is an absolute given. Whether it’s operational, training, commercial or marketing… Caribé is always on hand to provide way ‘above and beyond’ the expectations our franchisees.

For more information please email  franchise@wearecaribe.com and we will get back to you and discuss your interest!

Download our Franchise brochure.

Design Examples

The Kiosk

Mobile Pods

Mobile Kitchens

Static Locations

For more information please email  franchise@wearecaribe.com and we will get back to you and discuss your interest!

Download our Franchise brochure.